The ADHD Academy

Creating ADHD-friendly routines you can stick to and enjoy!

In just 8 weeks I’ll help you build consistent habits that transform your day;
even if you’ve never found a system that worked for your brain before.

Do you relate to this?

  • Do you struggle with sticking to a routine?
  • Are you trying out new routines, but you abandon them after a few days or forget about them?
  • Do you often plan something but it never goes according to plan?
  • Are your mornings chaotic, stressful and rushed?
  • Does ADHD-related anxiety keep you up at night?



  • Building consistent morning and evening routines.
  • Confidently completing projects at work on time. 
  • Effortlessly managing your daily tasks.
  • Creating moments of peace rather than panic throughout your day
  • Creating routines you never forget.
  • A calm morning where you start work on time.
  • Feeling confident and in control of your week.

Build habits that aren’t boring

Learn how to get out of bed and complete those boring tasks with the help of dopamine!

Create consistency 

Build structured flexibility that helps you get to the end of even the busiest week feeling calm and organized.

Stop treading water

Build the habits research has linked to overall success and start imagining what it would be like to meet your goals!
(Adriaanse et al., 2014 & Galla and Duckworth, 2015). 


How can the ADHD Academy help me?

  • Build routines that stick
  • Prioritise and be more efficient at work
  • Reduce overwhelm and ADHD-induced anxiety
  • Start your day calm and focused
  • Build a planning system that works for your ADHD brain
  • Stop missing deadlines
  • Reduce revenge bedtime procrastination
  • Understand and explain your ADHD to others

Stories from others who’ve worked with Unconventional Organisation

Once inside the ADHD Academy you will have access to:

Interactive ADHD-Friendly Courses

  • An interactive workbook that guides you through the 8-week transformation period
  • Short videos + presentations packed with practical advice that you can apply right away
  • Fillable sections and printable calendar to support your working memory

Interactive ADHD-Friendly Courses

  • 1-3 Live Group Coaching calls per week, where we share strategies, tips and small wins!
  • Live podcasting sessions! Join Skye and Sarah once a month live on The ADHD Skills Lab
  • Recordings of both the live podcasts and the live group coaching sessions so you never miss a thing!

Access to an ADHD Community 

  • A community to talk about ADHD, share wins, strategies or just vent!
  • Exclusive #help forum where you can ask our ADHD coaches anything!
  • A dopamine break chat to introduce yourself, share ADHD memes and look for dopamine inspiration!

Neurodiverse-friendly Admin Support

  • Having a low executive functioning day? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there, and our admin team are ready to help.
  • Whether it’s accessing ADHD Academy calls or finding documents, our team is trained to support ADHD struggles.
  • The admin team are based all around the world, so you're never more than a few hours away from assistance.

Want to have routines that will help you to be more efficient and productive at work?

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Created by Skye Waterson (MA, PG Cert Public Health)

Skye Waterson is the founder of Unconventional Organisation, an international ADHD support service that provides research-backed support to adults with ADHD. 

Skye has 7 years of experience working in adult education and has studied Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health. She was diagnosed with ADHD as a Doctoral Candidate before deciding to leave her Candidature to work full-time in Unconventional Organisation.

Since launching Unconventional Organisation, Skye has

  • Been a guest on numerous podcasts, including Faster than Normal, ADHD Rewired, and Hacking Your ADHD
  • Written 45 articles on ADHD with a combined readership of over 250,000. 
  • Led workshops supporting ADHD in the workplace for managers in the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) and New Zealand District Health Board

When she's not connecting digitally with ADHD people around the world, Skye is based in Auckland, New Zealand, where she lives with her husband and 1-year-old son.

Research, habits, ADHD and success

Research shows that changing your habits can make huge changes in your life - even if you are someone who struggles with impulsiveness (Adriaanse et al., 2014 & Galla and Duckworth, 2015). 

The problem is that we aren’t being taught how OUR neurodiverse brains work.

At Unconventional Organisation, we’ve helped hundreds of adults with ADHD understand and work with their executive functioning struggles to create consistent and engaging routines that can transform their life.

Let us do the same for you!

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What you can expect