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Topics we cover

Introduction to ADHD
We'll go over how the ADHD brain works differently, the influence of dopamine, and what that means for executive functioning.

ADHD in the Workplace
Learn strategies for overcoming challenges in the workplace and meeting your career goals in an ADHD-friendly way.

ADHD and Decision Making
In this course, we'll discuss what we know about ADHD, how it affects the choices you make and strategies you can use when making a decision.

ADHD Lifestyle Routines
Creating effective routines is helpful but also challenging for many people with ADHD. This course breaks down how to set routines you can stick with and enjoy.

ADHD and Self Criticism
With ADHD we can often struggle with high levels of self-criticism. This course will teach you how to ground, reset and practice self-compassion.

Task and Planner Management
If planners don't work well for you, check out our course on using a planner system designed for the ADHD brain.

ADHD Time Management
If you often struggle with being late or missing meetings and appointments, this course will help you understand how we experience time with ADHD and how you can use this knowledge to gain more control of your time.

Sustaining Focus During Boring Tasks
Getting focused can be difficult for people with ADHD, so we've created research-backed strategies to help you get and stay focused.

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"I loved the attention to detail with each subject we covered. Everything is broken down into small chunks, with plenty of time and opportunity to hone things to be personal to you.”

- Jessica B.

Taught by Our ADHD Coaches.

Unconventional Organisation Courses are taught by Founder, Researcher, and ADHD Coach Skye Waterson (née Rapson). All of the strategies included in this course are based on a combination of research, and the lived experiences of the clients and coaches who work with Unconventional Organisation.

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